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Dear Pastor Phil Pringle,

Just yesterday I found myself watching the following video.

If you ignore the intro graphic and overlaid text, which are clearly from someone who does not appreciate your ministry, what is left is a video of you giving the Presence Conference attendees some pointers on engaging unsaved people in worship.

I say ‘unsaved’ (or ‘unchurched’, whichever) but to be fair, this was not clear from the video. It could have been that you were speaking about disengaged Christians although that seems a stretch from the way you portrayed him sitting in the back pews not really wanting to worship and leaving before the altar call etc.

You said a couple of things in this video that left me with some questions.

1. Would you agree that part of a Pastor’s role is to organise the seating so as to “shame” an unbeliever into worshipping God and giving money?

2. Do you stand by your statement, “I can bring revival to a person’s life by sitting them somewhere,” as accurately describing what you believe? “Revival” is a pretty strong term. If by revival you mean “a reawakening of saving faith” then you must admit, it sounds quite Finney-esque for you to say that you can “create” that. Maybe you meant “revival” in a lesser sense.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for answering these questions.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Isaac Lee
Hobart, Tasmania

P.S. I have a very small blog which I hope to post your response too. Please indicate if you do not wish this to happen.

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