Letter to Michelle O’Byrne Regarding Tasmania’s Proposed Abortion Bill

Dear MHA Michelle O’Byrne,

I am writing to you regarding the the proposed changes to Tasmania’s abortion legislation.

My wife and I are unable to conceive. We have been married now for over 7 years and have not had so much as a false positive. I love children and yearn for the day when I can hold a little child I can call ‘my son’ or ‘my daughter’ yet in all likelihood this will never happen. My wife is chronically ill and so we have decided against adoption and other options that infertile couples often pursue. Two things have struck me through this time of waiting in vain for the birth of my child; 1. Nothing on this earth could stop me from being overjoyed from the moment of my wife telling me she’s pregnant. I would fight for that little one’s life with every ounce of my strength. No one could convince me that its life was not worth protecting simply because it was not yet born; And 2. It is not fair that the unwanted unborn child does not experience that same protection. It’s a cruel irony that those who fall pregnant but don’t want the baby are allowed to end its life and those who want a baby and would strike a man down for seeking to end its life can’t fall pregnant.

No act of parliament could prevent me from protecting the life of my unborn child and yet we are tabling legislation that enables more women to take the life of their unborn children.

This legislation will allow an abortion doctor to take the life of a post-24-week-old fetus with the agreement of another doctor where that same fetus, had it but been born, would have been given all the life-sustaining technology we currently have available. Why should location dictate a person’s right to life?

This legislation should be abandoned because it does nothing to promote life but instead entrenches a culture of death and treats human life as disposable.

Kind Regards,

Isaac Lee

One thought on “Letter to Michelle O’Byrne Regarding Tasmania’s Proposed Abortion Bill

  1. From the babies perspective adoption would be a better choice than abortion. I hear your pain loud and clear Isaac. Here is my letter to oiur politicians.
    “Life is precious from conception to death. Taking life, or legalising others to take life, is not the responsibility of politicians or anybody else. I have read much in the media from the perspective of mothers. I would like to be a voice for the babies in the womb. If they could speak or vote they would cry out and oppose this barbaric legislation. I would like to think that we are more civilised than this. The innocent lives that will be lost through this legislation cannot be brought back even if the legislation is repealed in the future. Spend your time in parliament making our state better not legislating to kill people.
    It is time to make a stand for the babies who will have their lives legislated away. Did you know that statistics show that Australia aborts more than 250 babies a day? Actually it is most likely much higher. If you take a pill the morning after conception you have still aborted the life that has just begun in your womb.
    Politicians only have the right to vote on legislation while they are in office. We have the right to vote them out of office at every election. I dedicate my vote to all the babies whose lives will be terminated by this appalling legislation. Remember that because I certainly will. I need politicians and candidates who have the courage to stand against abortion. But my need pales into insignificance compared to the needs of the baby who is about to be aborted. I call on the people of Tasmania to make a stand on this issue and oppose those who oppose the baby in the womb. Hear my cry on behalf of those who cannot be heard.”

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